Gunjan Taneja, Director, Alps Cosmetics, has appointed the Vice-President of Chamber of Trade Industry (CTI) and also the President of the Beauty Products Council. The CTI has newly created Beauty Products Council to address the concerns and wellbeing of the Indian Beauty product manufacturers.  On receiving this title, she shared, “ I will make sure that our industry of products multiplies tremendously. In my tenure, I welcome all new ideas from the same field for uplifting each other. Let’s shine together, let’s help together. Let’s make India Shine, Jai Hind!”

Gunjan Taneja has already been in Talks with CTI- Beauty Products council’s President, Malvika about what they can plan to do in her tenure. She said she was aware that they need to spread awareness that the Council of Beauty Products has been created for manufacturers to come together and discuss their problem which could then be addressed by the counci, Gunjan feels that it is very important to come together under this unbiased umbrella which aims to solve their problems and work for their better future.

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