10 Apr 2024

Dermalogica, a well-known professional skincare brand, has recently introduced PROSkin 60 – Pollution Shield treatment at all the LOOKS Salons in Mumbai. This special treatment combats pollution related skin damage. Soon it will be rolled out in other places too.

Mumbai is experiencing a 30% hike in Particulate Matter (PM) with the ongoing construction and a lack of green cover, which severely damages the skin and leads to issues like fine lines, brown spots, premature ageing, and wrinkles. Dermalogica’s  PROSkin 60 – Pollution Shield treatment aims to nullify the effects of pollution damage and detoxify the skin against environmental pollutants.

The 60-minute treatment starts with the Ultra Calming Cleanser that decreases skin inflammation and sensitivity due to skin exposure to pollution. It uses a Daily Superfoliant, a charcoal-based anti-pollution powder, to exfoliate the skin and remove pollution particles from deep layers of the skin. It also has an aromatherapy, the Soothing Additive, which is an oil blend of Lavender and Eucalyptus for skin sensitivity. The treatment finishes off with Antioxidant Hydramist toner to give it antioxidant protection and the Biolumin-C Serum for better skin resilience. At the end of the treatment, the skin feels hydrated and desensitised.