Nail paint brand Sally Hansen has named Jared McCain as their newest brand ambassador. This comes after McCain has gained attention online about his painted nails in his basketball games.

Jared McCain, college basketballer with the Duke Blue Devils, says that he began painting his nails as a way to be himself during quarantine. As someone who likes to get manicures and pedicures, he sees painted nails as a way to take care of himself. McCain has stated that he is not affected by the hate he receives for doing so, calling it adults bullying children.

It makes it that much more understandable then that nail polish giant Sally Hansen chose Jared for their first ever sports sponsorship deal. Together, Sally Hansen and McCain hope that they can inspire a new generation to embrace their individuality without fear.  Representatives from COTY, the company that owns Sally Hansen, have stated that Jared’s nail art, as a depiction of his individuality, drew their attention. They believe that his authenticity is notable and they are happy to have him as an ambassador.

It can be said that this collaboration between Sally Hansen and Jared McCain is a sign that the beauty industry is now open to catering to much more diverse consumers. Together with reaching out to a general male audience, signing on Jared McCain can be seen as an appeal to sports viewers as potential customers of cosmetics. Moreover, it emphasises Sally Hansen’s commitment to celebrating authenticity and self-expression through their marketing and branding.

At the same time, this is the beginning of significant changes in the institute of sports partnerships. Sally Hansen says it’s “leading the charge” in embracing individuality and inspiration within the realm of sports sponsorships, changing the way that sports, beauty, and gender are perceived.