Nail accessories are becoming trendy as they enter the realm of customisation, personalisation, and experimentation.

Nail art is not limited to just nail polish but it has extended to various other products, one of them being nail accessories. Whether it is metal studs, rhinestones or design stickers, it definitely elevates the look giving it a slight edge and nuance. Nail accessories are a great way to embellish the nails and there are several aspects that need to be considered before you can make the most of them.

Do the New

Nail stickers are a great way to add intricate designs or unique patterns to nails without the need for intricate nail art techniques. Adding gems or accents to nails can instantly elevate the manicure. Popular options include rhinestones, pearls, and metal studs. Foils are a fun way to achieve a metallic or holographic effect on the nails. They come in various colours and designs.

“Nail wraps are like stickers but come in larger sizes that can be trimmed to fit your nails. They often feature detailed patterns and designs that can be adhered to the nail surface. Magnetic nail polish contains iron particles that can be manipulated with a magnet. When the magnet is held close, it creates a unique pattern or effect on the nails. Applying chrome or metallic powders to your nails can give them a reflective, metallic finish,” says Sharmila Thanki, Founder Director, TIP&TOE Nails Lashes & Brows.

Being Effective

After each use, remove any leftover nail polish or adhesive using a gentle nail polish remover. This will help to prevent build-up and keep the accessories clean. Keep your nail accessories in a clean, dry, and organized manner. Avoid tossing them into a crowded drawer where they can get tangled or damaged. Consider using individual storage containers or a designated compartment in your nail polish collection.

Annie Dhingra, Marketing Manager, Cut & Style Salon, says, “To use them effectively, consider the overall theme of your manicure. Ensure that the customization enhances the design without overwhelming it. Experiment with placement and arrangement to create a unique, tailored look that reflects your individual style. Semi-cured nail sticker kits provide a convenient way to achieve professional-looking nail art at home. To use them effectively, start with clean, dry nails. Carefully apply the semi-cured stickers, ensuring a smooth and bubble-free surface. Once applied, finish with a top coat for durability. Experiment with different patterns and combinations for a salon-quality result.”

The key to using nail accessories effectively lies in experimenting with placement and balance. Incorporate them into your nail design for added depth and visual interest, ensuring they complement the overall aesthetic.

“Some of the latest nail accessories we use at Blown are the soft gel extensions which reduce the time for extensions by half and are comparatively safer as it doesn’t do as much damage to the nail bed as it is cured under the UV lamp. It is also thinner and more flexible than acrylics. Acrylic dipping powder is the process where you apply a clear adhesive base to the nail, then dip your finger into a fine acrylic powder. The result is a shiny, super-durable manicure that you can enjoy for a few weeks. It is the most durable option possible. The chrome effect can be added as a topping powder and is also available in a spectrum of shades, allowing nail technicians to experiment with their creativity. Whether opting for a subtle shimmer or a dazzling mirror shine or a metallic finish,” says R Ningchonri (Chon) and Rinsophy Chamroy (SoSo), Senior nail technicians, Blown Salon, Bangalore. Glass nails is a technique that involves using holographic or iridescent pieces of special nail art foils, to create an appearance of shards of glass.

Shine On

Rhinestones are always a top pick for clients who like nail accessories especially those who are getting their nails done for the festive season or a wedding. “Bows seem to be making a comeback, readymade plastic/resin bows or 3D custom made gel bows can be worn in a variety of sizes and colours.

“Rhinestones, bows and other nail hardware need to be meticulously placed with the right amount of adhesive – glues don’t cut it. The best way to use them on a nail bed is to use hard gel to ensure they don’t fall off. To make sure it is aesthetically pleasing, optimum placement is what can make or break the look. Sometimes, the nail accessories can get snagged on your clothes. The bigger the accessory, the higher is the chance of a mishap. So always make sure it’s secured well on the nail. And when you have had enough – make sure to take a trip back to the salon and have it removed professionally or else it could damage your nail bed,” says Maude G Abraham, Founder, Get Gorgeous Beauty Bar.