Amp up the glow game this season with the latest makeup trends as StyleSpeak lists out its favourite summer looks. With the onset of summer, clients crave a look that is refreshing and light. Beauty enthusiasts all over the world are blending in bold, vibrant hues with fresh makeup avatars, leading to endless creativity. From hydrated, pearl skin to coloured mascaras and bold lips – this summer is all about looking sun-kissed and stunning.

StyleSpeak rolls out the hottest makeup trends doing the rounds this season. So, get ready to give your clients the perfect summer makeover.

Let the Eyes Do the Talking with Coloured Mascara

Coloured mascara was a huge trend in the early 2000s and it is back again this season with a twist as we move on from the conventional black hues. What’s trending now are shades of cobalt blue, baby pink, electric green, and creamy brown, filling a blank canvas in vibrant shades that are fun and easy to create. This trend keeps all the focus on the eyes while keeping the rest of the face natural, in line with this season’s minimalist look. For an opaque look, load up the mascara or keep it natural with a single stroke for a sleeker appearance.

Creating Magic with Blue and Green Eyeshadow

Blue is the colour of the season, and when it comes to makeup, it is all over the fashion world. For that 60s vibe, you can do a complete wash of sky blue with a winged liner, and for those wanting a more ’90s frosty vibe, do a periwinkle inner corner with a glittering blue shadow. Another hue that is emerging big is bold green. Light mint and pistachio will look good on pale skin, while an emerald green or forest green will be stunning on darker skin tones. Innovate and merge these shades for a unique look.

Grunge-y  Eye Makeup

Grunge-y eye makeup has already hit the runways. This diffused, smoky, and smudged vibe looks great in greys, browns, and even deep plums, achieved with blendable eyeshadows and kohl pencils. Unlike classic smokey eyes, the application is less about precision and more about a lived-in, effortless feel.

Paired with a lightweight foundation and a wash of peachy blush, the grunge-inspired eyes add a touch of rebellion to summer looks, perfect for clients wanting to express their individuality.

Pearl Skin for an Ethereal Glow

This summer, move over glass skin and make way for the luminous and otherworldly “pearl skin” trend. This technique utilizes pearlescent highlighters in cream, liquid, or powder form to create a soft, iridescent sheen on the high points of the face. Unlike the wet-look of glass skin, pearl skin offers a more subtle, reflective glow reminiscent of a pearl’s natural luminosity. This ethereal finish pairs perfectly with a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer, allowing the natural skin texture to peek through. For a touch of summery vibrancy, consider highlighters with soft pink or lilac undertones, which will flatter a wide range of skin tones and add a touch of youthful dimension.

Make a Statement with Bold Lips

This season, beauty enthusiasts are making a statement with bold lips and pairing them with simple, minimal makeup. This gives a good balance between being bold and maintaining a fresh look for the hot months. Shades like deep berries, bright reds, and moody hues are doing the rounds. If you are going in for this look, remember to keep the rest of the makeup minimal with tinted moisturisers or sheer foundations, a subtle contour or highlight, and a dash of mascara.

Embrace the Warmth with Coloured Contouring

Ditch the cool browns and embrace the sunshine! This summer, traditional contouring gets a vibrant twist with coloured contouring. This playful technique swaps out sculpting shades for pops of colour, like peaches, pinks, and even oranges. Instead of the nude hues, the coloured contour has blush tones to create dimension. Applied along the cheekbones, temples, and even the bridge of the nose, they enhance facial features. The focus is on mimicking a sun-kissed glow that perfectly complements the carefree vibes of summer. Also, coloured contouring allows for more creativity, letting you tailor the shades to the skin tone and desired level of vibrancy.

So, there you have it! With these sizzling summer makeup trends in your arsenal, you’ll be ready to create looks that will leave your clients feeling confident and bronzed all season long. Remember, a little goes a long way in the summer heat, so focus on enhancing natural beauty and letting your clients’ inner radiance shine through.