Deepak Singh HBS Barber Challenge Winner

The HBS 2023 Punk Funk Competition was won by Deepak Singh from Enrich Salon from Navi Mumbai. Creating a unique and creative hairstyle can be a fun and satisfying experience, especially when the end result is a look that wins you the competition. The hair style created by Deepak was inspired by the Crime series “Orange is the New Black” (US criminal uniforms).

For the Punk Funk Look

Step 1: I started with pre lightening. my goal was to achieve 9 level of prelightening as my final colour was a vibrant coral Orange.

Step 2: As a design construct, I wanted a disconnect between the sides and middle section of head hence I isolated the middle section taking diagonal back from
high recession to slightly below occipital from both the sides and start trimming from side section with no 3 Guard.

Step 3: For the Top I wanted a shallow triangle shape, hence I over directed the front section to maintain length and weight. Rest of the sections on the crown
were cut horizontally and vertically at the back.

Step 4: After establishing the shape, I started to outline my freehand tattoo design and finished it using flat razor (you can create any design of your choice)

Step 5: To accentuate the tattoo, I sharpened the Fade.

Step 6: Then I styled the hair with texture dust for hold and a Hair spray to set the shape

Step 7: I finished the whole look by trimming the rough edges of hair with trimmer and defined the tattoo.