StyleSpeak brings to you the steps to create this voluminous and textured look

Head Shot Before

Model before shot, showcasing her hair before any colour application or styling.

Step 1 – Consultation:

The client consultation is a key part to any colour service. Take this chance to assess the hair, discuss the plan in depth and the vision for the look, to ensure you are both on the same page.

Step 2 – Sectioning Pattern:

It’s time to section. Split the hair into six sections, three front section and then three back section. Take your first section and then section again into two, allowing you to work on one area at a time.

Step 3 – Foil Placement:

Begin your foil placement, applying the colour and sectioning your foils as you go. Apply around five – six foils to the back left and right sections and also throughout the middle top section.

Colour formula – First foil 6.666 Inferno Red & 3%, Nex foil 8.444 Rocket Orange & 3% and repeat. 6/8 foils in each section.

Step 4 –Global Colour:

Once foil application is complete, apply your global colour to the rest of the hair. Use a brush to apply and freehand blend the colour into the hair, ensuring you cover all areas.

Colour formula – 6.036 dark chocolate & 3% with added 0.1 green intensive to cancel out red tones.

Step 5 – Diffusing/Styling:

Once washed, it’s time to dry and style. Using a heat defence spray, distribute evenly throughout the hair. Next use ASP Volumising Souffle and again distribute evenly throughout the hair. Use the diffuser tool. Low heat was used from ends to roots to enhance the natural curl texture.

Step 6 –Curl Cutting:

Once hair is dry, it’s time to cut. Depending on the cut you are creating, will depend on the method. For this look, simply tidy up the ends to ensure the hair is evenly rounded.

Final Look
  • Asp Vitaplex added into all the colour formulas to intensify colour, restore damaged hair and to protect against breakage.
  • Products used – Asp Roots Booster Mousse and Volumising Souffle

How to colour hair professionally: Step By Step Guide

Art Directed: Darrel Starkey
Hair Team: Darrel Starkey, Nicola Hamm, Mia Rowley
Photographer: Anthony Sheriden
MUA: Abbie Beautement
Foil Brand: Pro Care Foil
Hair Colour Brand: ASP