Here are some eye-catching nail designs that capture the essence of the tropical, carefree and elegant vacation spirit

The summer months are all about relaxation. As the warm days approach, attention turns not only to wardrobe status and vacation but also to the very little details like nails. Amidst the array of seasonal trends, summer nails act as a canvas of mood, style, and self-expression. The sun, beaches, clear skies and tropical vibes shall be our mood board this season.


Crafting beach-inspired nails offers an opportunity to channel the serene allure of the coastal landscape onto the fingertips. Evoking the tranquility and vibrancy of the coastal landscape, these designs often contain elements such as sand, sea waves, shells, and starfish crafted with meticulous attention to detail and artistic flair. Such designs serve as captivating accessories for relaxing sessions on the beach showcasing the calm and beauty of coastal havens.

Design options:

  • Gradient blue shade resembling ocean waves
  • Mermaid scale design in turquoise+ and lavender.
  • Beige sand texture with tiny shells or starfish accessory or stamp.


The essence of summer comes with a vibrant floral nail design, perfect for your getaway. Delicate flowers in shades of coral, peach, and turquoise dance across a pristine white base, evoking the spirit of sunny days and beautiful gardens. With shades ranging from soft pastels to vivid hues, these meticulously crafted petals exude sophistication and whimsy. Whether lounging poolside or exploring quaint coastal towns, these nails will effortlessly complement any summer ensemble, infusing your look with a touch of botanical charm.

Design Options:

  • Nude colour base topped with tiny white daisies.
  • Soft lavender or baby pink base colour topped with flowers and leaves.
  • Sunflower-themed nail design


Reflecting the brilliance of the sun-kissed season, these nails boast a mesmerizing metallic sheen that shimmers with every movement, evoking a sense of opulence and sophistication. Let your creativity flourish as you explore a spectrum of radiant colour shades, from ethereal pastels to bold metallics, each representing the liveliness of the season. With their flawless mirror-like finish, holographic nails not only dazzle in the sunlight but also offer a versatile backdrop for intricate designs.

Design Options:

  • Lavender holographic nails
  • A mix of pink and purple holographic colour as a base and topped with tiny white flowers.
  • Light blue holographic nail colour


Golden hour, an enchanting realm where day meets night, can also be called Twilight Horizon. These design represents the mesmerizing beauty of summer evenings. Each nail painted with a gradient palette ranging from fiery oranges to deep purples, capturing the serene shift of colours in the sky as the sun sets against the horizon. Silhouette portrayed in striking contrast illustrating iconic coastal imagery such as palm trees and beach umbrellas. These nail designs captures the incredible charm of twilight, serving as a captivating ode to the sublime beauty of summer holidays.

Design Options:

  • Shades of the sunset using orange, pink and purple
  • The golden hour colours as base topped with the shadow of palm trees.


Savour the sweetness of summer with some funky ice cream, fruity nail designs, and cloudy skies or some colourful rainbows. Each nail acts as a tasteful canvas, evoking imagery of sun-drenched landscapes and relaxing summer moments. Whether promenading along the waterfront or leisurely enjoying the sun’s warmth at a coastal café, these elegant nail designs capture the carefree ambience of the summer season, ensuring the manicure releases the refreshing allure similar to savouring a favoured flavour on a warm day.

Design Options:

  • Tropical fruits like watermelon, lemon, or strawberry themed nail designs
  • A nude colour base topped with a rainbow on the tips of an almond-shaped nail.
  • An ice cream or popsicle-themed design reliving the childhood memories of summer.