Hair by: Jose Garcia Peluqueros, Pamplona
MUAH: Isabel García.
Photographer: Aitor Esparza.

Step 1:


Step 2:

Separate the upper zone in two with a sloping line adding the bangs to the one on the left.

Step 3:

Pass the razor to No. 1 by the contour.

Step 4:

With the razor without comb, shave the hairline to create a gradient in the cut.

Step 5:

With the comb and the scissors unifies the shaving with the rest of the hair shaping the sides.

Step 6:

Cut the crown partition pointing the scissors, directing it backwards and raising it 90º.

Step 7:

Define the contours with the knife.

Step 8:

Apply Osis Session Label saline spray to add body and dry texture to the hair.

Step 9:

With the help of brush and dryer, hollow and direct the hair with a natural look.

Step 10:

Final photography

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