Ibiza, the Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea has always been known for its night life, parties and as a celebrity hangout. As times progressed and the pandemic hit the world, people’s priorities changed towardsrelaxation and wellbeing rather than the high life. Ibiza has now transformed to become the newest Luxury Wellness destination. Among its several wellness retreats is Fincadelica, an enormous 300-year-old villa – a very luxurious destination in Ibiza. This villa has a pretty egg-shaped saltwater pool where the visitor can relax while enjoying the beautiful view of the villa. The villa offers guests and non-guests relaxing wellness treatments through its in-house spa. The Six Senses hotel in Ibiza has great activities and a spa that is hidden down a spiral staircase. Besidesoffering cryofacial, IV rehydration along with other traditional spa treatments, Six Senses Ibiza fosters the sense of connecting with nature to relax in abundance.