Beromt Cosmetics has recently launched a new range of multichrome magnetic nail polish in line with the latest nail art trends. This new range gives a magnetic vibe to the nails and also transitions between different hues. It offers a glossy and vibrant effect with a 5-Free Formula that gives it an edge over its counterparts.

The best part about this new range is that clients can easily create unique nail art designs, shapes, and patterns on the nails with the help of a magnetic disc, which has metals that are set in different patterns, giving bright and textured nail art.

The range comes in six colours with a colourful shift in the shade when seen from different angles. Featuring cat eye magnets, these nail polishes comprise of single headed, double headed, 3D and 4D magnets. The idea behind these nail polishes is not to create animal-inspired nail art trends but to give an interesting pattern, mixing deep hues, resulting in a multichrome metallic effect. All the nail polishes at Beromt are affordable with the prices starting from Rs 99.

According to Darshana Rathi, CEO of Beromt Cosmetics, the new range will allow customers to have a salon-like manicure at home within no time.