This year’s Global Wellness Summit takes place in Singapore and aims to shape the future of the industry. Under the umbrella of the theme ‘Shaping the business of wellness’, this year’s summit will focus on business and investment trends around the globe, shining a spotlight in particular on doing business in Asia. Experts will address a broad range of topics spanning anti-ageing, mental health, preventative medicine and spas, as well as wellness architecture and real estate, wellness tourism and hospitality and wellness at the workplace. The summit aims to shape the future of the wellness industry by encouraging dialogue, collaboration and a sense of community; cultivating future leaders; and supporting research, innovation and problem-solving. A wide variety of events will be on offer for more than 600 attendees, including keynote speeches, presentations, panels and networking opportunities.
The Global Wellness Summit will take place from October 15–17 at Grand Hyatt Singapore. Find out more at