Nourish and revitalize hair with the Shea retention treatment


Beauty Garage has innovated a new hair care treatment for damaged cuticles without the use of harsh chemicals.This unique Shea Retention treatment formula is created using a high-grade, naturally conditioning agent-Shea. The treatment range includes a retention shampoo, conditioner, Shea butter, injector, Shea retention treatment cap, along with an eco-friendly wooden bowl and spatula.

Suitable for damaged color-treated or fine hair, the Shea Retention Treatment is created with natural ingredients including wheat, apple, cotton, fatty acids, and proteins. The goal is to
revitalize all hair types using shea butter and other nourishing natural ingredients.


BeautyGarage is excited to introduce the world to the beauty benefits of shea butter.

From the forests of Africa, natural fat is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree (Vitellaria). For ages, shea butter has been used as a cosmetic element. Because of its high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids, and even its easy-to-apply consistency, it is an excellent product for smoothing, moisturizing, and conditioning your client’s hair.

Shea Retention Series is designed to treat, restore and rejuvenate dry, frizzy, and damaged hair flawlessly. A high concentration of Shea Butter, rich in Vitamins A, E, &F, amino acids, and keratin ensures smoothening, shining, flexibility,

and radiance of hair whilst the amino acids boost the essential proteins for repairing damages.The method employs a Liposomal (phospholipid) and Micro-encapsulated system (sustained-release system), which allows the ingredients to get anchored to the outer part of your client’s hair, infiltrating the innermost layers of hair over several hours for their full release. This is a retention treatment that gives quick and long-lasting effects, resulting in an ideal combination of smooth, shiny, and healthy hair.

Shea butter is ideal to soothe irritated scalps due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces dryness and is easily absorbed by the scalp. A natural heat protectant, shea butter protects your client’s hair from heat and UV damage by creating a shield around the hair strands.

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