NYX, the makeup brand owned by L’Oreal announced the launch of an online beauty “incubator” in the form of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which has been named as GORJS and 1,000 Ethereum NFTs called the “FKWME Pass”.

GORJS is pronounced as ‘gorgeous’ and aims to be an example of what beauty in the metaverse will look like. GORJS keeps the cultural conversation in mind and claims to be diverse, incluse, and accessible to all.

The announcement of DAO first happened last June, but keeping the same vision intact, we will finally see its launch to take place in the near future.

The NFT passes have been set at a price of 0.19 ETH—about $290 each and will be available to the public from the 1st of February.

YannJoffredo, YX Global Brand President said, “GORJS was created to shine a light on ‘3D creators’ and give them ‘a path to success within the Web3 ecosystem,’ as reported by Decrypt.

Joffredo shares that digital makeup goes beyond what physical makeup can create. This is because digital makeup is not bonded by the laws of physics and hence can make use of surreal elements to create better makeup designs.

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