February 4, 2022: Although the fundamental cause of covid-19-related hair loss is unknown, Dr Alexis Young, a dermatologist affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack, New Jersey, believes that excessive inflammation that happens when the body is fighting against infection could be one of the causes. Cytokines activate immune cells to fight infection, and those cells might alter hair follicles, Young explained. In this process, Cytokines stimulate hair follicles to transition from the growing stage to the resting state. 

Young also said that unvaccinated hospital patients are more likely to develop hair loss as a side effect of the virus than those with fewer diseases or those who have been fully vaccinated, according to evidence. Because studies on this symptom are still inconclusive, the best cure is to keep a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook. This can be accomplished by becoming aware of one’s stress triggers and consciously avoiding them.


P.C. Freepik