Wellness and Spa aficionados can now experience an exclusive wellness cruise called ‘Explore & Restore’ curated by renowned wellness guru, Deepak Chopra. For this initiative, the wellness guru collaborated with a well-known cruise company called Hellenic Swan to make it a serene experience. This venture aims to foster self-discovery.

Set to sail for 5 – 8 days, the wellness cruise has a specific itinerary that commences its journey from Athens to Greece sailing through the Mediterranean up to Istanbul. Onboard, guests can embark on a journey that offers services that include meditation, yoga, workshops, talks and wellness services led by practitioners trained by Chopra. The presence of Deepak Chopra will help guests to rediscover themselves through various wellness initiatives and services. Using a holistic approach, the program also combines Ayurvedic culinary offerings with meditation, yoga classes etc. Other services on the cruise include spa massages, spa treatments for a perfect rejuvenation experience. The wellness journey will also include initiatives like getting acquainted with the local culture of the destinations the cruise sails through. These initiatives serve as a unique opportunity to explore oneself while sailing through the Caribbean island.

With the objective to create awareness about wellness and promote healing through different services, guests can also take advantage of the Wellness Desk for a tranquil experience. For hygienic reasons, the cruise has an alcohol and smoke-free zone. Get ready to disconnect from the stress, technology and reinvent yourself with Deepak Chopra and his team for a wellness journey.