Chiva Som, a leading wellness brand, has opened four new retreats in Thailand. These new resorts will have specific offerings for improving gut health and immune system so as to age naturally and gracefully.

The new ‘Immune Resilience’ retreat will use nutrient-rich diet, mindful exercises, and detoxifying therapies to help people. The program will include, massages and drainage therapies to unblock the lymphatic system, fitness sessions to enhance the immune system and have better health with holistic therapies like yoga, meditation, and shirtfront. The program will be for 5-7 nights.

The ‘Gut Health’ retreat will offer a highly nourishing customised meal planned for each guest by a nutritional consultant. The meals will focus on natural ingredients with probiotics and fibre. Additionally, some relaxing therapies will be planned for the guests including detoxifying abdominal massage, pranayam, and meditation. Guests can enjoy 5-7 nights in the retreat.

The ‘Nature’s Embrace’ retreat will use the power of nature to heal the body form inside out. There will be guided walks through mangrove forests and meditation along with fitness classes and wellness cuisine, available for 3-5 nights.

The ‘Senior Wellness’ retreat will concentrate on exercise, diet, and lifestyle choices to make senior guests enjoy life to the fullest. It will offer gentle physical activity and nutritious, balanced diet which will be available for 5-7 nights.