12 May 2022

Celebrity Aanchal Khurana has always lived life on her own terms. Recently, she went in for a bold hairstyle, a fade with an undercut tattoo, which Aanchal terms as an act of rediscovery and rebellion.

This bold haircut is making news and people are worried that she may not get a role due to it. However, Aanchal however, is not worried and feels that if the role is meant to be it will happen.

This sudden act of rebellion was due to professional reasons as Aanchal’s role in a popular sitcom was suddenly dropped. Even on the personal front she wasn’t happy as her parents want her to settle down and Aanchal is not in the frame of mind for it.

Hairstylist: Vivek Shyam Bhatia
Actress: Aanchal Khurana
Salon name: Very V, Mumbai.