Meet Apeni George, Celebrity Hairstylist & The Man Company Grooming Expert

A hair and make-up artist, Apeni George is known for her long term collaboration with talents like Virat Kohli, Ajay Devgan, Yuvraj Singh and Hrithik Roshan, in transforming their looks to stardom status. Belonging to times where being a hairdresser was judged upon, Apeni stood her ground and chose to be a hairdresser and a successful one at that! Her success can be measured not just by the kind of clientele she has but also by the variety of looks (both hair and make-up) she has designed for some amazing films! She has designed looks for bollywood stars in movies like ‘Mangal Pandey’ and ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’! She has remained a strong influence in the make-up and hair designing of the Bombay film industry, run her own salon as well as been an ambassador for many international cosmetic brands.

Let’s find out more about the super talented and super skilled Apeni George.

Why and how did you decide to become a professional hair stylist?

I didn’t grow up thinking I wanted to be a hairdresser, it was a profession I wasn’t aware of really. But I did know for sure that I never wanted to work in an office. I was looking for something more fun and creative; something that I’d enjoy doing. Thus, I got into a cosmetology school first, however, people would be appreciative when I trimmed or cut their hair. So, that’s how I got into hairdressing.

Where and what was your first job like?

My first job was interesting! Before going to London for a hairdressing course I met Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin fame. She suggested, I learn basic hairdressing course here in India and go for an advanced course to London. She promised to teach me the basics here. I absolutely loved her and took up on her offer. This is where my first job as a hairdresser began! Eventually, I would keep going to London for my advance classes every now and then.

How has your journey been so far in this industry?

It has been fantastic! I am happy because I made my own decisions, it was on me to choose how high, how far and how much I wanted to do!

What is the USP of your work as compared to that of the other hairstylists?

I do what I do passionately and what I feel is right; rest is for others to gauge what they feel about it and how they like it.

What kind of clients do you cater to?

I not only work with celebrities but also college students and anybody who needs my help. Anybody and everybody who wants help, is my client. Because, at the end of the day if I have achieved to make my client comfortable with themselves then I have achieved my goal.

What goes into becoming a professional hairstylist?

To be a professional artist, you must learn the art and science behind it. You also need to have the experience to apply all that you have learnt. Basically, as a professional, one must learn the art and the science of hairdressing, be sincere towards their profession, gain experience and respect the person/ project they are working on.

What are the challenges you face in this field?

In the initial years, there wasn’t enough exposure for hairdressers in India. There was no exposure on training, about products, etc. One had to travel to the UK for hair and the US for make-up. Today artists are lucky. Any information you want on the field is easily accessible. Today the challenge is about how to motivate yourself as an artist and do something different without getting caught in the rat race!

What elements do you enjoy the most in your field of work?

The most I enjoy is to make my client happy and confident. I love designing looks for films, projects – not just in terms of hair and makeup

How important do you think education is in this field?

Education is absolutely necessary. Hairdressing is an art, it is science – it is not just about taking a scissor and hoping something good will come out of it. Education is a must, it is a continuous process! Even if you get your basics right you need to keep updating yourself, keep progressing and keep figuring out and keep at it.

Where do you take inspiration from to create your own distinctive style?

I take inspiration from the streets and by watching movies. People inspire me – everyone is so unique!