StyleSpeak interacts with Gen-Y salon professionals to find out their new year resolutions

New Year is the time to set new goals and make plans to accomplish them. GEN Y salon professionals aim to fulfill these using best practices and utmost dedication.

Dhanasekharan Kuppan
Founder & Head Creative Director
Anlon Art Salon
“I would like to concentrate on a healthy lifestyle routine through a healthy diet, exercise, scheduled meals and sleep because we all know that Health is Wealth. Secondly, I would like to travel and explore new destinations, understand their lifestyle and have fun on the go. And last but not the least, I would like to remove time from my busy work schedules to spend more quality time with my family….On the professional front, I would like to upgrade my workspace, deliver superior hospitality and upgrade service standards to fulfill client’s expectations. Lastly, as a boss, I would like to encourage my talented stylists by sending them on aboard trips for hairstyling courses to update their knowledge, based on their performance in the salon …

Atharva Takke
Education and Creative Head
U Takke’s Hair & Beauty Studio
“As a hairstylist and educator, my journey is a fusion of creativity and knowledge. From running a salon to leading academies, I strive to elevate the industry.
Every snip tells a story, and every lesson shapes the future. My resolution is to inspire, transform, and grow(upgrade) one strand at a time.”

Joesna Shiroor
Making Head Lines Salon, Pune
“I would like to be kinder than last year, be more positive and optimistic and try to learn something new again. After 17 years, this is a new start in my life as I work in India and Austria now. So I learn something new here each day. 2024 will be an exciting start as I wish to get a degree in and upgrade my skills. Another reason to be grateful and live in the present!

Mukesh Sain
Creative Director
S and S Salon
“My new year resolution is to focus on creating and learning some new skills, being kind and productive. On the personal front, I would like to invest more time on myself and try to adopt some good habits for a better life.”

Neha Bhalchandra
YLG Salon
“In the coming year, I would love to wake up a bit earlier to focus on my health and wellness by starting yoga and meditation and stick to it! Professionally, in 2024 I also want to allocate more time doing the things I love(hands-on!), like trying updos, learning new haircuts and upping my overall hair game!”

Kiran Bawa
Nikky Bawa Ladies Salon
“Embracing the New Year vibe, I, Kiran Bawa, the visionary behind Nikky Bawa Ladies Salon, Bhopal, aspire to revolutionize beauty norms. My goal is to ignite a wave of positivity in beauty trends, foster the flourishing growth of our talented team within the beauty realm and elevate the salon experience to unparalleled heights for our cherished clientele. Let’s embark on a stylish journey together, where beauty meets innovation and excellence becomes the new standard. Cheers to a glamorous and transformative year ahead at Nikky Bawa Ladies Salon!”

Shine Janarthanan
Time Machine Salon and Academy
“I hope our work gets recognized internationally. Looking at getting trained under great artist. We are also planning to get international artist to our academy and hoping to start a revolutionary project for the industry very soon. On the personal front, I would like to have more family time.

Shwetasha Paliwal
Creative Director
Prabhat spa and salon (Udaipur)
“Personally, my new year resolution will be self-growth and happiness. On the professional front, I would like to grow to be a better person and stylist and make the people around me feel happy and confident, share my skill and knowledge with the world out there through the teaching opportunities I receive.”

Swati Gupta
Creative Development Director
Bodycraft Salon and Spa
“As an individual I don’t believe in making resolutions- I just hope that I am able to reflect on my day everyday and learn from the mistakes made. To me a life is lived well if we are conscious of our own journey, reward ourselves for overcoming challenges and gently push ourselves to become a better version of ourselves everyday. My only resolution personally and professionally is to change myself and keep growing through my experiences of life and people …through this endeavor I hope I can impact and touch a few lives along the way as well.”

Vaishakhi Haria
Hair Stylist, Educator, Entrepreneur and Salon Educator
Splash Salon
“On the personal front I would love to learn the skill of culinary arts & dining etiquettes. It has been on my bucket list for a very long time & I intend to try it out this year. Professionally, I am working on building a better business model for my salons & explore expansion opportunities”

Vivek Shyam Bhatia
Creative Director – Shyam’s Salon & Academy
Co-Founder – Very V Salon
“Well I worked 8 days a week in 2023, yes you read it right! Hence my personal resolution for 2024 is to take at least 2 vacations this year, not to thunder around but just to relax, revive & recover, only to perform better professionally! Also my professional resolution is to educate at least 5000+ more hairdressers in 2024 alone. After all my biggest mission is to empower Indian hairdressers & build a fashionable economy.”

Yesh Killa
Education Director
Head Turners Salon & Academy
“The future is in ‘OUR’ hands.
When I say this, I mean team work.
Team building is the strongest tool for a salon owner. And this new year, I plan to initiate incentive based team building activities.
Professionally I intend to gain knowledge about the upcoming technologies of hair treatments on a global level.”

Yuvraj Ahluwalia
Grace Beauty Clinic Pvt Ltd.
“My personal new year resolution is honestly the same as yesteryear- to become a better person, not just every year but EVERYDAY! Professionally I would say that it has not been much time since I graduated from management school but the rules of business have changed a lot in recent years. I would want to update myself professionally in the coming year. I aim at coping up with the ways and demands of the ‘Gen Z’ as they are the future.”

Nikisha Bhatia
Makeup & Hair Professional
Shyam’s Salon & Academy
In 2024, I’m determined to delve into the rich tapestry of my country, immersing myself in its history. Committed to shedding light on the unnoticed issues, encouraging awareness, and fostering a proactive mindset among my peers. Additionally, I aim to elevate the standing and respect of the hair and makeup community, recognizing its true value and potential. As a makeup and hair educator in 2024, my resolution is to elevate the learning experience, implementing innovative teaching methods, staying abreast of industry trends, and fostering a collaborative educational environment. Here’s to a year of empowering aspiring artists and shaping the future of beauty education.

Rohan Kant
Envi Salons
“In 2024, my aim is to seamlessly integrate positive change into both professional and personal aspect of life. I’m committed to nurturing my own well-being and remaining agile amidst business growth. Growing the business; and building & maintaining strong, meaningful relationships will be a key focus. This year is about fostering growth and resilience, while crafting a work-life synergy that enhances both business success and personal fulfilment.”

Vaibav Kumaravel
Naturals Salon, Nails N Beyond
“My personal resolution is to be fitter and travel more this year. On the professional front, our New Year’s resolution would be to scale our new vertical Nails N Beyond to 100+ stores across the country.”

Noopur Chokshi
AMAYA Salon, Ahmedabad & MISFITS Salon, Bombay
“If one thing 2023 has taught me, it is Not getting into any rat race and Prioritise Mental peace. I am going to take out more time for myself and since I have just delivered, I am going to focus on raising by baby along with balancing work. On the professional front, it’s been a while I have taken any classes or workshops to upgrade my skills and since I love learning something new Amayas, I am going to focus on upgrading my professional skills and take both my brands, AMAYA & MISFITS a step higher.”

Danielle Jones
Hair Colourist & Makeup Artist
Director of Bridgette Jones Fashion Salon, Kolkata
“My focus for 2024 is all about my clients. I’m here to listen, understand, and bring their vision to life. Whether it’s a subtle change or a bold transformation, this year is about celebrating individuality. A space where every visit is an indulgent experience tailored to your style, personalised services and an atmosphere that feels as good as it looks.”

Ishitta Chowdhary
KNK Salon & Academy, Lucknow
“My personal New Year resolution is to start living in the moment without worrying about the future. On the professional front, I would like to focus on building a healthier work-life balance.”