What was your inspiration behind creating this look?

My inspiration for winning the Gothic-themed nail design came from the dark, elegant and mysterious beauty of Gothic architecture and fashion. I aimed to capture the essence of this style with intricate details and bold contrasts.

Did you face any specific challenge while creating the look?

The theme itself was very challenging, and certain elements did not turn out as I expected which was disheartening. Thankfully, another idea came to my mind and I started working on it. Another challenge I faced was with regards to the products that I could use to create those elements.

What was the preparation for the look?

The preparation involved extensive research on Gothic art and architecture. I had to pick up darker tones such as black, deep red and rust with a touch of gold. I also prepared my model’s attitude accordingly.

Your message for new contestants?

Embrace your theme wholeheartedly and let your creativity flow. Pay attention to details and practice consistently. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries and let your unique style shine through your work.


1st Runner Up: Wungam Shimray (Salon Ministry)

2nd Runner Up: Nisha Mangar (Pia’s Nail Art & Academy)