Tell us about your role as the Global Education Director.

It’s been my pleasure as Brazilian Professionals’ Global Director of Education since 2017. I help steer the company’s education offerings while ensuring what we bring to market is trend conscious. Additionally, to mentor our artist team to develop the next generation of industry leaders who will help salons succeed. We work in partnership with our R & D team to ensure we’re always on the cutting edge of salon technology.

What is your strategy to strengthen the positioning of b3 Brazilian Bond Builder?

Our strategy goes beyond making the busy salon colourist aware there are fabulous salon exclusive options with bond building tech. For a busy colorist time is money. Our system is one-step and repairs all bonds in the hair without additional processing time. So the strategy is brand awareness of the product and also for our salons to know they have fabulous support!

The thrilling thing about our industry is the trends are always evolving, giving our salons a fantastic opportunity to help their clients think outside the box; upsell new services. Among the trends we are seeing are:

  • Embracing personal identity: For eg. embracing their natural curls, but they want them healthy
  • Using custom colour to achieve a lived-in look
  • Treatments that improve the health of hair and texture

How do you upskill hairdressers in any country?

By reminding them education is the key to success and it can be fun! Our industry never sleeps-changing trends, the development of new technology is constant. We must continue to provide worldwide free education to help advance our industry and help individual stylists have the same opportunity as all of their peers or those they look up to for advancing their careers.

How do you keep the content relevant to the local needs of clients?

As a conscientious stylist, we need to understand our clients’ needs and use relevant tools to address them accordingly. These tools can be helpful in our business to not only make more money behind the chair but give clients the hair of a lifetime.