IHB Global Forum to take place in Indore from 7-9th January 2024 at Indore Marriott Hotel, Indore, MP, India.

It sets a benchmark in educational standards and aims to prove its mettle as expert educators through seminars, offering individuals access and benefits via the medium of knowledge sharing.

Nayana Karunaratne, Founder/Chairperson, IHB Education shares details about the upcoming event

Tell us about the objective behind organizing the IHA event and what makes this event different from others?

The theme of the IHB Global Forum is ‘bridging National & International Education’, knowledge sharing among the trainers, educators and influencers from our part of the world and the expert knowledge providers of IHB International training team.

IHB offers one of the best hair, beauty and barbering curriculum in the world. IHB is the only Institute that offers comprehensive textbooks and provide education in the chosen language of the student, as hair and beauty skills do not have a language barrier.

Is there any specific theme for the event?

Yes, exactly what I have mentioned above. We want all participants to benefit from this knowledge sharing and take it back to their workplaces and improve the services, educate their students and work with IHB in the future.

You have selected a global faculty for this seminar. How did you choose those who would be the best fit for this seminar?

These faculties are the persons who are in the IHB Training Team, they provide knowledge and create the IHB curriculum that are updated every 3 years. They are the IHB Team.

Who will benefit most from attending?

We want trainers, Academy owners, and senior staff of salons and salon chains who contribute to educating their teams.

What do you expect the net outcome of this event to be?

Knowledge sharing – understand the value of quality education; understand how skills from any part of the world can merge into the systems of a given country to improve standards. Above all, to appreciate the quality and the work offered by IHB, and how they can use IHB facilities to improve the industry in our part of the world, with correct blending and sharing of skills knowledge.

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