In conversation with the colour queen of the West, Celebrity Colourist and West Signature Artist, Wella Professionals

A lady of substance and an artist by heart, Carrera Alvarez is well known as the ‘Wella Top Artist’, owing to her unmatched expertise. With a vast experience and knowledge gathered in 20 years of her career, Carrera travelled all over North America to educate and inspire stylists. She is also a NATVA bronze winner in the color category, a celebrity colorist whose clients include Keisha and Kourtney Kardashian. Her philosophy in education is that “whether it’s teaching or taking a class, continued education is the key to continued success”.

Here’s a sneak peek into more about the colour queen of the West, Carrera Alvarez…

Why and how did you decide to be in this profession?

When I got into college I was struggling with choosing my path. I wanted to do something that inspired me and would be able to use my gifts to help others. My hairdresser at the time talked to me about what it was like to be a hairdresser and to make others feel beautiful and good about themselves. I decided right then I wanted to do hair!

Where did you get your training?

I trained at Vidal Sassoon Los Angeles, CA.

How has the journey been so far for you?

My journey has been so unexpected and exciting. I had no idea all the places this industry would take me. It has allowed me to experience so many amazing things and meet some of the greatest people.

What are you doing presently?

I am currently working for Wella Professionals in North America as a Signature Artist. I train under our global capability team and in turn train all of our educators across the country.

What are your views on the importance of education?

I am a firm believer that education is the key to success. It’s through education that so many of the opportunities I have had have been possible.

What is the most challenging aspect of your career?

For me the most challenging thing is finding a balance between work and personal life.

What elements in the job do you enjoy the most?

I love traveling and experiencing new places and meeting/connecting with people and talent from all across the globe.

What inspires you in this business?

I love the fact that we as hairstylists have the ability to transform people. Being able to connect with them on a personal level and give them the ability to feel beautiful.

What would you advice new make-up artists and hairdressers?

Never stop learning! Surround yourself with people that inspire you and encourage you to be a better version of yourself.

Which brands do you use?

I use Wella Professionals, Nioxin and Sebastian Professional.

What is your USP?

I am an award winning colorist, I have spent 15 years of my career that spans over two decades focusing on building my color craft, and because of that I have built a reputation as the go to colorist for some of the top people in the industry.

How difficult/easy is to deal with stars?

It depends from person to person, I have had great experiences and then I’ve had some challenging ones. Overall, working with celebrities has its pros and cons.

Any advice for our readers who are also salon professionals?

Find a mentor and be a mentor.