MRussian manicure as the name suggests, is the trending manicure technique that originated in Russia. This is a popular method that involves using an e-filer/ electronic nail drill for a flawless cuticle area devoid of using traditional tools. The technique also ensures in flawless gel polish application that can last for 30+days and thus, this style of a manicure is worth every penny spent on it and worth the time invested in selling the service.

How do you do it?

BLUESKY Nail Academy in Mumbai has a tutorial for your reference. Follow each step carefully and with regular practice, you will soon master the technique and add a new skill set to your resume.

Step1:-File the nail to the desired shape.

Step2:-Buff the nail only to create a smooth nailbed. Excessive buffing is harmful. Remove only ridges from the nails so as to have even nails for suitable adhesion for products.

Step3:-Dust the nail bed and use BLUESKYe-filer with cuticle drill bit and gently, move it around the cuticle area to lift the dry cuticles and create a small pocket.
Speed of the drill should be around 8000. Do not use the drill bit on the nail to avoid damaging the nail bed and move the drill with a steady hand, carefully.

Step4:-Cut off all the extra dead skin/ lifted cuticle with a cuticle cutter without pulling the skin. Only cut the lifted portion, in case there is any dry cuticle left.

Step5:-Clean the nail properly with a BLUESKY cleanser wipe (2in1cleanser+dehydrator) which is pre-soaked and ensure all nails are free of any oils/dust.

**Do not touch the nail after cleaning it.


Step6:-Apply BLUESKY acid-free primer and let it air-dry for 5 to 7 seconds.

Step7:-Apply a thin layer of BLUESKY RIDGE FILLER base coat and cure** it in the lamp. Leave a hairline gap around the cuticle area. Ensure that you cover the sidewalls properly as well.

Step8:-Take a drop of RIDGE FILLER base coat, place it on the nail where you need to create the apex and slowly, spread it evenly, doing on overlay on the nail. After doing this, keep hand up-side down for 5 seconds to ensure a healthy apex and cure in the lamp.

**How long do you need to cure?
LED Lamp– each layer to be cured for 60 seconds UV lamp–each layer to be cured for 120 seconds

**Where is the apex?
Divide the nail into 3 equal parts.The1stpart of the nail, from around the cuticle area is the part where you create the apex.