StyleSpeak brings you the best heat protectants to use before creating chic hairstyles

Hair well styled can be a head turner! However styling is a delicate task and when not done with care, can cause hair damage. This is a common concern for those who style hair regularly, and unprotected heat is usually the main cause.
Using heated styling tools such as flat iron, curling iron, blow dryer, etc. increases chances of hair damage from heat. Exposure to heat changes the shape of hair’s keratin strands. To put it simply, the breakage of protein bonds and hair cuticles expose the inner cortex making it prone to damage and less pliable. This result in loss of elasticity and the strands are more susceptible to breakage.

Things to keep in mind while choosing heat protectant

While selecting a heat protectant, it is extremely important to take note of the client’s regimen, hair texture, hair needs e.g. coloured hair need to be protected against colour depletion. Every heat protectant is different in terms of its application and formula. It is also preferred to take note of the level of protection required. For instance, if a heated styling tool is to be used at higher temperature, then the heat protectant applied should provide same level of protection.

StyleSpeak has short-listed the best heat protectants to protect the delicate tresses from damages caused by heated styling tools.

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Flatliner Heat Protection Spray

This is an effective flat iron hair serum which provides heat protection up to 230°C. The product is specifically designed for daily use of heated hair appliances. Further, it reduces frizz and hair breakage while making hair tangle-free and smooth and giving it a sleek finish. The product has a long-lasting effect and even results. Besides heat protection, it provides protection against humidity.

Redken Quick Blowout Heat Protectant Spray

This is a lightweight spray which offers superior thermal protection. It further reduces the amount of time spent blow-drying hair to get shiny and smooth look. The product stands up to 450°C temperature of the heated styling tools and gives a lasting finish. Not to mention the easy application—shake, mist on damp hair and blow dry! It offers a perfect balance of heat protection and shine for a safe heat styling session to yield the beautiful blow-outs with less time and efforts.

milk_shake Lifestyling Thermo Protector Spray

It is an ultra-fine formula to protect the hair fibre from blow drying, straightening irons and curling wands. It creates an invisible film over the hair preventing split ends, breakage and damage while reducing the drying time. While applying the product, make sure to spray it from a distance of 20 to 30 cm on clean and damp hair from roots to end, and then proceed with blow drying. The product includes active ingredients like milk proteins, quinoa proteins and silk proteins.

Kevin Murphy Heated Defense

The Kevin Murphy Heated Defense is lightweight leave-in foam which distributes easily and disappears in all hair types while providing weightless protective shield. It protects against damages associated with heated and mechanical tools. Just take an adequate amount into the palm, rub together and apply it on clean hair from roots to tip but do not rinse off. The product is infused with co-polymers which help to aid in selectively binding to regions of the hair damaged in order to strengthen and protect.

Moroccanoil Perfect Defence Spray

This heat protection spray offers intensive protection for your hair when using heated styling products. It is suitable for all hair types and protects hair from thermal damage caused by heat up to 230°C. It is a weightless and no hold formula and combination of panthenol, vitamin E and argan oil which can be used on dry and damp hair. The panthenol, a form of vitamin B5, adds suppleness and shine to hair whereas argan oil protects from hair damage. The spray need to be used from a distance of 20 cm and then create hairstyles using heated styling tools.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime L’Huile Originale Serum

This is a versatile, leave-in serum which provides nourishment and shine for all types of hair. Infused with precious oils like Argan oil, Marula oil and Camillia oil, this hydrating serum smoothens hair giving it a 96 hour frizz control and offering heat protection up to 230°C. The hair feels soft, radiant and fragrant without greasy oil build-up.