Get ready to prep your client’s face for makeup the right way.

You may be a pro at using the foundation brush and have the makeup application steps down pat, but prepping the face for it, is the most important first step. So, before you reach out to your vanity case to doll up your client for the perfect makeup look, get her face makeup-ready.

Read on to know the exact steps to follow before starting with all those magic potions and wands.

Start with a Cleanser

This one is a no-brainer. Before you start any makeup regime, cleanse your client’s face with a suitable mild cleanser. It will remove all the dirt, grime, and excess oils without irritating the skin. It also allows the makeup to go into the skin evenly.

Exfoliation is your best friend

This works well for those with a lot of blackheads and whiteheads. Choose an appropriate exfoliant depending on your client’s skin condition. It will also serve to remove the unwanted tiny abrasions on the skin and also give it a smooth finish.

The Ice Magic

It may surprise you but rubbing ice on cleansed face is truly beneficial. It boosts blood circulation, reduces pores and puffiness under the eyes. This pre-makeup hack creates a smooth canvas for foundation too.

Tone it up

Toning is an essential step before starting the makeup routine. It removes any remaining impurities from the skin surface and also tightens the pores, giving your skin an even tone. Don’t use an alcohol-based toner as it will rob the skin off its natural oils. In case, your client has extremely dry skin, a serum will do the job wonderfully too.

Hydration is key

While the skin is still damp from cleansing and toning, it is a good time to moisturise the face. It is a misnomer that oily skin does not need

moisturising. No matter the skin type, moisturising is a non-negotiable step to prep the skin before makeup application. Use products with hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera for long-lasting hydration. A moisturiser will brighten and soften the skin, making it easy to apply foundation and concealer.

Prime the skin for long-lasting makeup

Now that the skin is nicely moisturised, prep it with a good primer. Many people skip this step, thinking it to be an unnecessary addition to the pre-makeup routine. But it is most vital, as it works as a protective barrier helping the skin’s oil balance as it can be moisturising or matifying. It also works like a base for the foundation, allowing smooth application and long-lasting effects.

Primers are smooth gels or creams that fill in all the minute pores and fine lines on the face, smoothing out all the uneven textures, creating the perfect canvas for makeup. To apply a primer well, squeeze a coin-sized amount and dab it in the center of the face and slowly work it out towards the cheeks, chin, and forehead.

It is a good idea to apply primer around the sensitive area around the eyelids to keep the makeup intact all day long and eliminate the creased look in the eyeshadow. However, use dedicated primers for the eye.

Lip Balm for the perfect pout

An oft-overlooked part of the face, the lips, also need care and hydration to have the perfect pout. So, hydrate the lips well with a lip balm and allow it to sit for about 5 minutes before applying any lip products. This will ensure that the lipstick stays on for longer without peeling off or giving the lips those cracks and creases.

Makeup is all about feeling bold, beautiful and confident. It’s an art that most women master in their own unique style and that’s what enhances the beauty of an individual. Prepping the face is the base that enhances the features of the person wearing makeup. All it requires is the right strokes and a good guide to turn heads. Follow this step-by-step guide to get your client ready for that smouldering look and watch the difference.