Barbershop interior design ideas to redefine your space and give your male customers the ultimate experience


MBarbershops have experienced a renaissance in recent years.Being well groomed isn’t enough anymore, people want to enjoy the experienceas well, which has in turn given rebirth of the idea for a place where men can satisfy all their grooming needs, while indulging in a bit of pampering.

While designing a men’s salon / barbershop it is important to create a space that communicates to the targeted clientele and reinforces your brand message.

Whether renovating or starting a new shop, you need to ensure the look and feel of your space is inviting to clients, which will eventually pave the way for a more enjoyable business experience.

While designing, there are many styles to choose from – classic, luxury, modern, retroand vintage. Below are some reference points that can serve as inspirationto create your own vision of the perfect barbershop.


Clients want something that’s aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and relaxing to walk into. According to Founder, Pranali Shah of Studio Shweta & Pranali, “The colour scheme and furniture you choose is not only good for your shop’s aesthetics, but also helps to create a mood and add some liveliness to your shop”.

Here are some styles that will give your men’s salon/barbershopa relaxed, masculine vibe.

The Classic

If you want to go witha classic and traditional style, look to add layers of function and comfort to the space. This timeless trend gives an unrefined sense of luxury with softer curves, simple decorative carvings,subdued hues, work desks and barber stations made of aged wood, and sofas and chairs in dark brown leather.With a casual vibe and lounge-style layout, this is a perfect place for your clients to get comfortable and pamper themselves.
Designing Salons Strictly for Men!

Industrial theme

This style can exude a sense of craftsmanshipthrough a refined palette of materials – from solid ash, metal finishes, to customised resin sinks. Your salon can also feature a wood-paneled wall, that integrates with the overall functionality. Varying metal finishes to the styling stations, mirrors and more,is a great way to add visual interest and depth to this theme.

Modern and luxurious

Challenge the ‘traditional’ barbershop and explore a new perspective with this particular style, while maintaining the familiar functionality. Keep the layout simple with a sleek and modern

touch, that relishes in luxury.Use can use a palette ofblack,gold and silver with a modern splash that feels luxurious.Modern art piecescanadd an attractive touch to the wall.


The layout is key when it comes to creating user-friendly engaging designs. For example, the front desk should be positioned right at the entrance to greet your clients and the furniture layout should create pathways for them to move easily from the waiting room to the service area.“After working on more than 50 salon interior designs, the one aspect to keep in mind is that the layout should be simple and functional, no matter what design and style the client chooses” says Shweta Sonni, Co-founder – Studio Shweta & Pranali.


The signage of your shop is one vital aspect that establishes your identity. It should be attractive, visible and should clearly mention your business. The entrance is where your client’s journey begins. The reception desk, visual displays appealing to men, solid design and functional furniture, business and sports magazines, a television, etc. plays an important role in the overall masculine vibe. Maximize the reception desk by putting hidden drawers for better storage.

Place the men’s retail area close to the reception desk to increase sales. Your clients are more likely to browse through products that have separate compartments.


There are two main factors barbers should keep in mind when selecting flooring for their shop: functionality and style. Barbershop floors need to be swept multiple times a day to clear away hair and whiskers that have fallen during haircuts and facial hair grooming. Therefore, a carpeted floor, should be avoided.


Appropriate lighting can enhance the complete look of a space. The lighting at your barbershop can reflect a modern, industrial, classic or rustic style, but should match the overall layout, decor and vibe. When setting up lighting in your shop, try to combine brighter overhead lighting with warmer lights around the mirrors. The products on display can have a warm backlight to make them stand-out.

There’s no denying that the popularity of barbershops has skyrocketed over the last few years. A well-executed barbershop design can communicate and reinforce your brand message and pave the way for a more enjoyable business experience. Whatever layout and design you decide, remember to stay up to date on design trends and periodically think about making improvements to ensure that the look and feel of your shop is inviting to clients.


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