In conversation with Aurelian Lis, Global CEO, Dermalogica

While there are many ways to define healthy skin, but the fact is that it reflects all about how healthy you are from within. Dermalogica India recently presented a beauty enhancing campaign #powerofproskin in collaboration with the top-notch beauty brands of India, Nykaa and Lakme Lever. StyleSpeak brings on the conversation to life, giving skin health and beauty a healthier dimension. In conversation with Aurelian Lis, Global CEO, Dermalogica are Dr Rashmi Shetty, Celebrity Dermatologist & Expert in Aesthetic Medicine, Mr Pushkaraj Shenai, CEO, Lakme Lever Pvt. Ltd and Madhavi Irani, Chief Content Head, Nykaa India.

According to Aurelian Lis, Global CEO, Dermalogica, the key focus is to educate the consumer with the right understanding of skin health and that #powerofproskin is an ‘intergalactic’ campaign with an innovative Face Mapping app that helps people understand their skin better than ever.

StyleSpeak meets Aurelian Lis to discover the new innovations that Team Dermalogica has in store!

What’s new at Dermalogica?

Product Innovation is an ongoing process in Dermalogica because as new technology develops and new ingredients advance, we need to make sure that as an established brand, we keep on bringing them to our consumer and the therapists, so that we stay true to our DNA and in delivering results and achieving skin health. At Dermalogica, we put skin therapists first – which has led us to develop the best treatments in the business. Each treatment is designed to address the consumers’ professional needs while delivering a completely unique and effective Dermalogica experience.

You just launched the ‘Power Of Pro Skin’ campaign. Tell us more about it.

The ‘Power of Pro Skin’ is a consumer education campaign that brings to life Dermalogica’s educational foundation and rich history of expertise – one that was previously reserved for just the pros. Through this initiative, consumers now have access to various educational offerings from the experts at Dermalogica. The goal of the campaign will be to recruit new consumers to the brand and create loyalty among existing consumers.
By demonstrating our commitment to skin health and industry-leading techniques, ‘Power of Pro Skin’ will reinstate the brand to consumers as the authority in professional-grade skin care.

How does your Face Mapping App work?

Face Mapping – a skin analysis technique, is aimed at helping people understand their skin

health at the comfort of their home. This new tool is modelled after the brand’s signature in-person analysis tool, performed by skin therapists around the world.

Users can access the platform from their computer or mobile phone and take a photo or upload a selected image. After the image is uploaded, Face Mapping quickly identifies top skin concerns, then recommends products with active ingredients that target each concern. From there, users have the option of chatting live with a skin therapist to learn more about their skin. For each skin issue, a product is suggested and shoppers are then redirected to the Dermalogica e-commerce site where they can live-chat with a brand aesthetician and complete their purchase.

Unlike a standard skin consultation, Face Mapping divides the skin into 14 zones, taking into consideration that there may be several skin conditions on the face at any one time. This detailed analysis enables the skin therapist to prescribe a customized, zone-by-zone skin care regime to target and treat individual concerns.

Are your product launches in India in tandem with your global launches? Or based on the needs of this market.

The premium skincare market in India is evolving at a rapid pace. We time the launches in India as per the global launches. India is a very unique market with one of the biggest consumer bases and we want them to experience the best in technology and ingredients that Dermalogica offers at real time.

What are the specific needs of the Indian market? Education? Pricing?

Training has come a long way in India, but I still think there is still a lot of opportunity to elevate education. However, with the launch of the expert programme, the Dermalogica team in India is working towards getting as many therapists to the expert level. As for me, where I see the gap is in digital education. India is a large country and I think through digitalizing some of the education, we will be able to touch every single skin therapist working with Dermalogica and show that they have an opportunity to give the base treatments.

The surge in the consumption of beauty products in India is giving rise to new trends, which in turn is presenting significant opportunities for global brands like us. A traditional affinity for beauty and more knowledgeable consumers provides opportunities for us to offer them with our latest innovations in the Dermalogica product line and treatments. Also, unique skin concerns and requirements have left gaps in the markets, thus creating a huge potential for further product development.