StyleSpeak’s monsoon haircare mantra for long, lustrous tresses without any stress.

Monsoon is a great time to be outdoors and enjoy the lush green expanse and cool breeze – a perfect time for delicious delicacies. But the same monsoon can wreck havoc to those beautiful lustrous tresses if proper care is not taken. StyleSpeak doles out the dos and don’ts for you to follow to maintain good hair health.

What does Monsoon do to the hair?

Monsoon equals to excessive humidity in the air which tends to make the hair frizzy and the scalp sweaty, oily and itchy. Sweat and oil together are the perfect combination for bacteria growth. This results in an itchy and greasy scalp, which you end up washing more often than usual. With the hair going through all this there is hair fall and dryness. But fret not, simple measures can help overcome the downpour-woes.

‘Dos’ for Monsoon-ready Hair

Tame those tresses with some simple must-dos during the rainy season and watch them blossom.

Opt for anti-frizz hair products

After washing the hair use a soft towel or a t-shirt to remove the excess water but do not rub the hair vigorously. Use an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner along with a serum to get soft manageable tresses.

Add Supplements

Using the right products and following a monsoon-safe hair regime is not the only way to protect the hair. It is important to boost hair health with good nutrition. The lack of vitamins like A, C, D, E and B along with zinc, iron, protein and fatty acids in the diet can make the hair roots weak. So ensure you take multi-vitamins to enhance your hair health, especially during monsoons.

SLS-free Shampoo

SLS or Sodium Laureth Sulphate washes off dirt and excessive oil to keep hair healthy but it also ends up washing off too much natural moisture that the scalp needs to have a healthy protective barrier. So its best to use a nourishing shampoo that maintains the pH balance and locks in just enough moisture to keep the hair bouncy and nourished.

Hair Mask Comes to the Rescue

Hair masks work like superheros coming to save you the night before a big function or a party. Apply a hair mask once a week to see transformative results because nothing hurts more than having a bad hair day on important occasions.

‘Don’ts’ for Monsoon-ready Hair

It is not enough to know what to do. It is equally important to find out what to avoid during the long unending monsoon time.

Hairdryers a big NO

It is best to let the hair dry naturally during monsoons as the hair is at its weakest in this season. Having hot air blown on the hair and scalp can weaken it further and cause excessive hairfall. Also, avoid brushing the hair when it is wet.

Avoid Dry Shampoos

Many people lean on dry shampoos out of lack of time or sheer laziness. They work well in any other season but during monsoons they can make the hair follicles weak. If at all you need to use them, get yourself a natural dry shampoo. It has no chemicals and hence, less harm to the hair and it would be a good deed for the environment too.

Don’t step out with wet hair

When the hair is wet, it is more vulnerable to damage as the scalp skin is soft due to water. It is also makes it easier for free radicals to damage the hair. So use a soft towel to dry the hair completely before you step out.

Avoid Styling Products

Styling products like hair gels, mousse and the other magical potions work wonders during all times but the monsoons. These products have a tendency to settle down on the scalp and damage the roots.

Monsoon is a tricky season for the hair and skin. It can leave you with the horror story of dry and frizzy tresses. Follow these simple dos and don’ts to get the best ‘hair-game’ on this monsoon and you will be set to enjoy the rains to the fullest.