Avone Beauty Secrets which is a well-renowned salon in Singapore has come up with the Henna Brows Crowning artistry technique that grants its customers fuller, well-defined eyebrows. This unique, 3D, Non-invasive technique is a pain-free alternative to the traditional eyebrow micro-blading techniques. This treatment gives the customers natural-looking eyebrows for months unlike the other Henna tinting techniques that fade away in a couple of weeks. The professional brow specialist makes use of various shades of Henna formulation from Turkey to achieve delicate, feather-like brows. This Henna Brows Crowning Artistry gives results similar to other Eyebrow Embroidery services but this new technique doesn’t cause any injury, harm to the skin. Daily Vanity rewards Avone Beauty Secrets with three awards- the Editor’s Choice, Readers’ Choice and Influencers’ Choice awards for their first-of-its-kind Henna Brows Crowning Artistry.