Get the mane game together with StyleSpeak’s choice of the most stylish and trending up-dos of this season.

Hairstyling is often the game-changer in the overall look and appeal. And when it comes to hair styles, there is nothing better than an up-do to switch the look altogether. An intricate chignon can add a hint of elegance to the overall appeal, while a messy top knot can pack in an element of nonchalance, and a beach braid can create a boho vibe.

It’s no wonder that Up-dos are in vogue this year, with celebrities flaunting unique styles at different glamorous events. Here is StyleSpeak’s pick of simple yet stunning updos that can transform your client’s look completely.

  1. Ballerina Knot – Dainty and Delicate
    Everyone is in love with this super simple and beautiful ballerina knot. For best results, keep the bun at the crown of the head and use a brush to make the hair look sleek and put together. You can wrap a braid around the knot to give it some style and texture.
  2. Chunky Braided Updo – Casually Cool
    Updos can make one look very formal, and at the same time, some styles can be more casual. The Chunky braided updo is for those casual coffee dates or Saturday night dinner with friends. Keep the braid loose and free with some strands coming out, and then pin it up lightly to convert it into an updo. Dress it up with simple hair accessories to add to the glam quotient.

    A variation to this updo is a diagonal Dutch braid. Make a similar braid and loop it across the back of the head. Keep the braid loose for a casual look and add a few dainty accessories to make it more festive.

  3. French Roll – Nonchalant Chic
    For all those with thinning strands, the French Roll works well. It makes thin hair look luscious even without extensions. Loosen out a few strands in front to give the face a soft feel.
  4. Sleek looped updo Casual Elegance
    Create a formal updo with simple loops and weaves. These are not only visually intriguing but also make the hair look refined. Leave a few tendrils of hair down in front to give it a romantic, soft touch.

    Bangs cut straight across the forehead or swept on the side add a casual twist to this updo. Let some strands hang loose on the sides of the face to add some glam.

  1. Messy wavy updo – Boho Chic
    It is a misconception that people with short hair cannot make an updo. Try this boho-chic updo with waves all over. It adds texture and volume to the hair and makes it look trendier. Highlighted strands look chic in this hairstyle as the waves accentuate the colour.
  2. Chignon with a twist – Messy Yet Sassy
    If you want to add a casual vibe to the formal chignon hairdo, go in for the messy chignon. Popularised by Lauren Conrad, this sexy hairstyle is still in vogue. It comes out best on day two or three as the hair looks best when it’s messy. Segment a chunky bit on either side and make a low looped ponytail with the remaining hair. Now wrap the sections around the chignon and neatly hide the ends under the ponytail with bobby pins.
  3. Inverted low bun – Formal with Style
    For those clients who want to get a professional-looking hairstyle for a formal gathering, there is nothing easier than an inverted low bun. It is different and yet elegant. Twist three sections of the hair and get them together. Tuck the ends neatly and secure them with pins. Use hairspray to make those loose, frizzy strands sit neatly.
  4. Fishtail Chignon – Gracefully Glamorous
    This classy hairstyle is ideal for any wedding or red-carpet event. As the name suggests, it has both the most elegant hairstyles combined into one – a Fishtail braid ending in a chignon. Add some delicate hair accessories to make it look more glamorous.
  5. Mohawk – Bold and Beautiful
    For all those who thought the mohawk was meant only for short hair, here is an interesting twist to the tail. Give your clients a daring and dramatic hair makeover with a Mohawk updo. Make a tight braid, right from the forehead till the base of the neck. You can make variations to this style with different braids, twists and knots.

    From a feminine and flirty messy bun to the uber chic and elegant French roll, updos are the best way to transform your client’s overall look. So, master the art of creating these simple and stylish hairstyles this festive season.