Create this Punk Funk award winning Punk Funk hairstyle with the help of the decode by winner Sagar More

The HBS 2022 Punk Funk Competition was won by Sagar More from Prakash Salon in Mumbai. A winner of HBS Barber Competitions 2017 and 2018, Sagar was also among the 8 young talented hair and make-up artists selected as the StyleSpeak Young Gun 2022 and got the opportunity to do a live hair demo on the SS Young Guns Stage at HBS 2022.

Creating a unique and creative hairstyle can be a fun and satisfying experience, especially when the end result is a look that wins you the competition. The hairstyle created by Sagar is a great example of how different techniques and colors can be combined to create a truly unique look.

Here is a step-by-step you can follow to achieve the hair look:

Step 1
Do a mid-fade on one side, which is a technique that gradually fades hair from a longer length to a shorter length.

Step 2
Create a tattoo of a torn leaf and a bird on this portion of the hair.

Step 3
Using a Yellow Ash Whitish semi-permanent colour pre-lighten the crown of the hair.

Step 4
Give a medium cut to the top of the crown.

Step 5
On the other side of the head, create a medium-length fade.

Step 6
Shorten the fringe using an iron.

Step 7
Add a zip on one side of the head.

Step 8
Highlight the hair with yellow and green colours around the zip.

Step 9
Set the look using a setting spray