Experts spill the beans on approaches that make bridal packages a winner for brides

KEvery girl desires a gorgeous look on her wedding day. Preparation for the special day begins well in advance. From gym sessions to spa appointments, everything is well planned. The best part about all this is planning the bridal package, which is often a time-consuming task.

Let’s take a look at what a wedding package entails

According to Indira Ahluwalia, Owner – Grace Beauty Clinic Pvt. Ltd., “The main content of the bridal package is ‘pampering’ – that is what the bride-to-be needs the most. She needs to be felt special. GRACE is known for makeups but we make sure to provide beauty services along with it for the brides to experience overall services under one roof.”

The standard bridal package is always customized keeping the bridal requirements in mind. It mainly consists of

  • Makeup for all wedding functions
  • Facial
  • Body wax
  • Hands and feet cleansing
  • Hair ritual


Now that we are aware what a bridal package entails, it is essential to know the preparations that need to be done to get that perfect dreamy look leading the countdown towards the D day.

Professional Guidance and Consultation

Looking great holds great significance irrespective of whether you are attending a party, event or a wedding. However, wedding being a special occasion requires brides to not only look gorgeous but also flawless. The ceremonies and timeframe are a few factors that need to be kept in mind to ensure brides have the perfect day etched in their memories forever. Executing this vital task is not everybody’s cup of tea. A thorough research needs to be done to finalize the best makeup, hair and nail artist for the same. Once the bride has shortlisted the expert based on the services and treatment that matches the requirement, it is vital to communicate with the professional. This is where guidance and consultation plays a key role. Thoughts about budget, cost of services, payment, accessories and availability can rush through the mind. As a bride to be, the next step would be consultation to get these queries and doubts cleared.

Indira explains the process, “As the bride has already imagined her look, we need to try and get that picture out on a consultation form and turn it into reality. It usually takes an hour to an hour and a half to understand the requirements and then curate a package which consists of all the beauty services and the makeup look. Every minute detail is noted to decide on the makeup like colour and style of the outfit, weather, time of the day, etc. All of this combined does take time but ensures that we deliver the best on the bride’s special day.”

As far as prepping the skin is concerned, a thorough skin analysis becomes the need of the hour. The skin expert then offers their expertise after they understand the key requirements of the bride.

“We perform a thorough skin analysis at the time of planning the wedding package so that we could suggest the bride a treatment if required for a better skin texture. Makeup artists DO NOT LIKE SURPRISES, we love a smooth canvas to work on,” adds Indira.

Caution brides about the leap time of services

Most of the weddings in India are planned months in advance. This ensures ample time for the bride to plan her beauty visits. According to Indira, the first service that a salon should recommend is permanent hair removal (brides LOVE it!!) as the process is time consuming and you need to plan the intervals between each sitting. Although the bride’s requirements are the focus during the consultation process, it is imperative to educate them about the leap time of the treatments. This is important because services like BB Glow, lip tinting, peels, etc. in permanent makeup have a down time of a few days to even a week. Brides should certainly not risk getting these treatments too close to the wedding day.

Tips for salon owners

  • Pitch for treatments as it is a necessity than luxury during weddings
  • Recommend a facial followed by a home care regime
  • AVOID rebonding or smoothening as it could limit the hairstyling options, suggest hair rituals instead
  • Do not overburden the bride with services as the makeup is a one-time job but treatments are a recurring service even after the wedding