Bride Step by Step

Hairstylist: Jose Garcia Peluqueros
Photography: Jose Garcia Peluqueros
Make-up: Isabel García
Stylist: Rosa Clará

Step 1:

Comb horizontal lines with the hair straighteners by gently twisting the hair inward to create a smooth, wide hairline.

Step 2:

Separate one section at the top of the head, then, with the parting to one side, divide the rest of the hair into two sections with a slanted line.

Step 3:

The inclined line is made from the height of the line to the opposite side of the neck.

Step 4:

Comb the side section of the stripe and do a medium low ponytail in the back area.

Step 5:

Repeat the operation with the opposite section, but this time hold the ponytail above the previous section.

Step 6:

View of the finished pigtails.

Step 7:

Comb the entire bottom ponytail up to the height of the other and clip it in a ring.

Step 8:

Followed by creating another large ring with the top ponytail making them join at the same point.