Braid twist hair

Hair & Makeup : Sherri Jessee
Photographer: Mickey Baker
Models: Jurnee Carr

Step 1:

Lightly tease top section of hair and smooth back using a teasing brush.

Step 2:

Clip the front side sections forward and out of your way. Twist top crown section and secure with several pins. Cross the pins in an X formation to lock them in. (This creates a great anchor for a veil.)

Step 3:

Beginning on one side of the head, take a small section of hair and twist it.

Step 4:

Use your finger tips to gently pull open the twisted section to create a larger and looser texture. Drape across the back of the head and pin.

Step 5:

Continue working down the head in the same manner taking sections from one side to the other. Do not open your pin as you slide it in to tightly secure the hair.

Step 6:

Loosely twist the side sections, open them for romantic texture, and pin to secure. Allow a few soft tendrils to drop out.

Step 7:

Adjust shape for balance and pin where needed.

Step 8:

Spray lightly with Pravana NEVO Super Shape Hair Spray to smooth fly-away hairs and provide long lasting hold.