Offer your clients some TLC for their hands and neck with these effective treatments

We are living in a new age where skincare and self-care have now become the top priority. Anti-ageing treatments are not just limited to facial care but hand and neck treatments also that have been introduced in recent times with the growing demand.

StyleSpeak puts together treatments for hand and neck care. Such treatments make the skin supple while adding much-needed smoothness and firmness. It’s time to put an end to your clients’ ageing woes.

Hand Care

With ageing, exposure to sun and lack of proper moisturization and care can often make hands look dry, dull and unhealthy. So, here’s giving you expert advice on recommending proper hand care treatments to your clients.

Founder and Director of Bodycraft Salon & Spa, Manjul Gupta says, “Signs of ageing are also quick to show on the hands. We wash our hands often, stripping them off all moisture. Especially now with many alcohol-based products like sanitizers, the hands need more care than ever.”


  1. Bodycraft Salon & Spa offers the Bodycraft Milk Manicure which is perfect for nourishing the hands. It includes a rose cream massage that extends to the elbow, followed by a hydrating mask. Since hands are constantly exposed to natural elements, it is a must to use an SPF and moisturizer every day.

Manjul highlighted that even though clients don’t get facials with the intention of focusing on the neck and décolletage in particular, Bodycraft has seen an increased interest in anti-ageing facials this year.

  1. Enrich Salon’s Enrich Manicure-Signature/Alga is enriched with key ingredients and intense moisture to soothe the irritated skin calm, comfort the stressed senses while giving hands the much-needed nourishment. The Enrich Organic Manicure promises gentle, soothing, nourishing and comfortable care for the clients’ hands.
  1. Lakme Salon has two special hand treatments – the Lakme Salon Candy Crush Manicure which brings together a blend of pure essential oils, natural butter and detoxifying effervescent bath bombs to give their clients’ hands a rejuvenated, soft and smooth feel; the Marine Hand Glow with Masque is another hand treatment to remove all impurities, make the hands supple with marine salts and peppermint.
  1. JCB Salon believes that hands and feet need extraordinary care and hence their treatments and products incorporate plant-based and natural to advanced formulae. Their Paraffin Manicures ensures repairing of skin and cuticles from within while rejuvenating the texture with deep relaxation.

Neck Care

While every woman is concerned about looking after her face, the neck and décolleté area often get neglected. This is the first area to show signs of ageing as it contains very few oil-producing glands, resulting in very little natural moisturization. This area therefore needs lot of superficial nourishment and care is required to keep signs of ageing at bay.


  1. Bodycraft Salon and Spa offers advanced facials that focus on the neck and décolleté and face with fingertip massages that don’t tug at the delicate skin. Anti-ageing facials such as Pure Gold Indulgence and Caviar Facial work wonders for their clients neck care and decolletage need.
  2. Enrich Salon’s Enrich Aquatonale Anti-Aging Treatment is a dedicated service that focuses on skin health and beauty as it makes the neck skin smooth, firm and supple.
  3. Lakme Salon’s Marine Age-Defying Ritual revitalizes and repairs the skin with the use of natural ingredients.
  4. Kaya Skin Clinic offers Kaya’s Facial Skin Tightening and Firming Facial which focuses mainly on the face and neck area targeting sagging cheeks, jawline and chin line. The treatment works wonders in improving skin tone and texture, reduces puffiness, improves blood circulation, tightens and lifts facial muscles.

An early start to taking care of these two delicate areas will pay your client rich dividends in the form of a younger appearance. So, do recommend and motivate them to opt for treatments that repair, revitalize and lift the skin of the neck and hands. With optimum results and an enriching experience, your clients will be happy and return for more such fruitful sessions.