The conversation of sustainability and haircare go hand in hand

K18 has always pushed boundaries in the haircare segment and it doesn’t stop at just that. It pledges to help the battle to sustain the planet. It is a new kind of conversation through the lens of hair to spread awareness and create a meaningful impact.

“The goal is simple: Maximize expression, minimize damage to hair + the planet”

Here are the different ways in which K18 contributes to sustainability:

Plastic Bank and K18

In collaboration with Plastic Bank, K18 aims to stop ocean plastic and contribute to their efforts to build recycling ecosystems. K18 products are Certified Plastic Neutral by the Plastic Bank.

Plastic Bank engineers all products to work more effectively and efficiently. These advanced formulas which rethink the average routine and reduce overconsumption – achieving more with less product. This contributes to K18’s sustainability initiative.

‘Less is More’ for hair + the planet

Damaged hair is thirsty for resource. All the things used by K18 to make hair look and feel better contribute to the waste and puts a load on the energy (harsh chemistry, mechanical manipulation, extreme heat). By creating healthy hair that needs less, you waste less energy and use lesser resources.

Biotech is the path forward to a more sustainable future

The traditional product development processes and the cosmetic chemistry involved in it make use of lots of resources. Transitioning to biotech production will reduce waste and decrease the demand on the already stretched supply-chain.

Authenticity over buzzwords and fads

K18 is interested in being ‘better’ not ‘trendy’.

The brand believes it is their duty to work towards actively operating in a more responsible way within the haircare industry, the beauty space, and the world. K18 believes in being open about what it can and cannot do. Finding a unique voice in the sustainability conversation is the mission K18 aims to accomplish.