Leading American brand 7e Wellness launches first-of-its-kind microcurrent device for anti-aging treatment in India

With microcurrent facials sparking conversations across the globe around anti-aging and stimulating facial collagen, America’s FDA-cleared, non-invasive Myolift microcurrent devices by 7e Wellness are now available in India.

Increasing awareness among consumers about the importance of skin health and the availability of advanced anti-aging treatments has led to a shift in preferences. Clients are now more likely to prioritize lifestyle based services over traditional salon services. 7E Wellness Holistic approach can help salons to regain the lost business by diversifying the lifestyle services at salon.

7E Wellness, based in San Diego, has expanded its footprint in India in collaboration with Brand Concepts Ltd., a prominent lifestyle and fashion organization established in 2007. Renowned for its expertise in introducing global brands in the category of lifestyle and fashion to the Indian market, Brand Concepts Ltd. serves as a strategic partner for 7E Wellness in its Indian venture.

Introduced to the Indian Market by Abhinav Kumar, the CEO and Whole Time Director of Brand Concepts, this brand is propelled by his mission to empower beauty professionals with a non-invasive and natural approach to skincare. Today,

it stands as a popular choice for personalized skincare treatments, making a significant impact on the beauty industry in India.

“As more Indians embrace dermal fillers, botox surgeries, laser treatments, and chemical peels for fuller lips and a smoother appearance, the desire to harmonize skin age with emotional age is gaining momentum.” says Abhinav. “Myolift Microcurrent Facial Devices present a one-time investment, delivering transformative solutions. With the ability to reverse signs of aging, these devices offer a personalized approach to address a spectrum of concerns related to the aging process.,” he adds.

They boast a robust national presence, strategically anchored by an extensive network of distributors in key metropolitan hubs such as Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Pune.

With an impressive track record of collaboration with over 6500 professionals, engagement with 40+ prestigious beauty schools, and satisfaction of more than 1 million customers globally, the brand’s credibility establishes a promising proposition for salons in India.

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