Get rid of tired, dull and dehydrated skin with Power Hyaluronic range

AWater is essential for human life. It improves the body’s performance, prevents injuries and enhances skin condition as well. The amount of water required for smooth functioning of human body depends on many factors, such as climatic conditions, body mass, physical exercise, etc. Not consuming enough water leads to dehydration, loss of muscular tone and firmness that accelerates premature ageing process. It also affects the skin’s natural protection and balance, leading to rough, dull, dehydrated and depigmented skin. All these skin woes can be put to end with Power Hyaluronic range from Skeyndor.

The Power Hyaluronic range has been designed in a way to offer skin the optimum level of hydration. It is a natural skin hydrodynamics treatment that combines hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights and aquaporin activator. Formulated to provide in-depth hydration, the range also offers intense protection from wáter loss caused by environment aggressors.

As the Power Hyaluronic salon treatment kit contains Hyaluronic Intensive concentrate, Aquaporin massage gel, and Polarised wáter solution, the skin shows 90% improvement in wrinkles caused by dehydration and 100%

ultramoisturiziation in one sesión, resulting in optimum degree of hydration that lasts for almost 24 hours. Additionally, the special massage techniques done using Selenite stones makes the whole experience very pleasant and exclusive.

The range also comprises of Home care treatment that consists of the following:

Intensive Moisturizing Cream: Suitable for dry to very dry skin, this will make skin smooth and moisturized, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Intensive Moisturizing Emulsion: This is perfect for normal to combination skin

Moisturizing Booster: As the name suggests, it hydrates, smoothens, reduces fine lines and moisturizes the skin from within

Power Hyaluronic range from Skeyndor is the ultímate solution to all skin problems, especially dehydrated skin caused by wáter loss.

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