Restore skin balance with Skeyndor’s newest range

Skincare is all about maintaining the natural balance of the skin. Moving away leads to several skin problems. The ultimate solution is cleansing that remains the first line of defense in any sort of beauty treatment. It helps take away the buildup of impurities that resides on the surface of the skin. Once these impurities are stripped off, the skin can breathe a lot easier and is also more open to accepting vital nourishment through select cosmetic solutions.

Skeyndorperfectly understands the importance of this approach, and has recently introduced a complete line of products under the brand-new Expert Cleanse Pro range of products. As the name suggests, this range is designed for professional cleansing, promoting the concept of Double Dimension Cleansing. It is a unique combination of skin hygiene and health and caring for the environment.

Clean Skin & Clean Cosmetic: This range is formulated with active agents that stimulate and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, protecting it from the proliferation of impurities. It can be used independently for deep skin cleansing and is best for prepping skin before doing any other facial treatment.

Expert Cleanse Pro – Professional Range

Here is a list of all the products, in the order that it must be used during the treatment. Each product offers a superior texture and delicate aroma to refresh and energize your client’s skin.

  • Make up Remover – Urban Micelar Balm-To-Oil
  • Cleanser – Mattifying Foam-In-Gel / Rich Foam-In-Milk
  • Exfoliation – Renewing Acid Peel Gel / Renewing Enzymatic Gel
  • Scaling – Scaling Gel&Post – Extraction Fluid
  • Toner – Rebalancing Hydracomfort Mist
  • Mask – Soothing Face Mask
  • Finishing Cream – Rebalancing Vitamin Essence

This range is the culmination of years of scientific research and market exploration, in understanding what works best on Indian skin types. It helps reduce the occurrence of white heads and black heads. As a result, skin becomes more comfortable, matte, and hydrated.

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