Slow down skin ageing with the exclusive nature-enriched defense treatment

Suffering from ageing skin and looking for an innovative solution to fix it? Look no further! Casmara’s Age Defense Treatment is a revolutionary treatment that protects skin, fighting all signs from inside out.

The beauty plan with an advanced 360° anti-ageing system comes with PRO & PREBIOTIC TECHNOLOGY. Formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and other technologically advanced natural active ingredients, this Age Defense treatment acts in a revolutionary way by strengthening the skin’s first defensive barrier, creating a protective shield against time and fighting all the signs associated with ageing. The innovative natural active ingredients with natural anti-ageing effects slows down, prevents and corrects the signs of ageing, keeping the skin young and healthy.

PRO & PREBIOTIC COMPLEX: It prevents dehydration and malnutrition while cancelling the effects of external agents that cause ageing. It re-densifies the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis and improving keratinocyte cohesion. In vivo, the anti-wrinkle action produces a reduction in wrinkles, both in quantity and depth.

D-PROTECT: This is a combination of probiotics (Lactobacillus casei y Lactobacillus acidophilus) and prebiotics (oligosaccharides) that increases defense in creating a defensive barrier that strengthens and prepares the skin to fight

pathogen substances responsible for premature ageing. At the same time, it restructures the micro-contour of the skin smoothing it and providing an immediate reflection of light on the skin.

POLLU-BLOCK: This active ingredient (Biosaccharide gum-4) forms a shield against pollution by forming a biomatrix, providing a barrier against three pollutants: Ultraviolet light, atmospheric pollution and chemical agents.

JOJOBA AND BEES WAX COMPLEX: A natural ingredient that enhances the penetration of all active ingredients in Age Defense, a prodigious active ingredient based on jojoba wax and beeswax with innovative carrying properties in addition to long-lasting moisturizing effects.

SKINADAPT: This active ingredient (Lactococcus lactis) stimulates the skin’s biosensor capacity, helping it to adapt quickly and effectively to external aggression. It strengthens the skin’s defense, turning them into an alarm system against external damage and responding to possible attacks annulling their effects on the skin.

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