Complete recovery for demanding skin

ALooking to enhance facial hygiene? Casmara’s Research Centre has designed the perfect treatment to cater to varied skin requirements. The Casmara Purifying Treatment is a ground-breaking beauty plan aimed towards revolutionizing facial skincare with Cosmetic Drone Technology and Pure Oxygen.

Combining medical technology and professional cosmetic composition to oxygenate and purify the skin, the treatment allows skin to breathe once again. It dilates the pore and softens any blackheads, cleaning them without the need of any specific machinery, further giving oxygen and energy to the skin effectively.

Active Ingredients:

Open Pore: This helps in the elimination of sebaceous contaminants inside the pores, as well as purifies the surface of the skin in depth.

Chlorella Drone-Tech: This innovative active ingredient is made of the Cosmetic Drone Technology with micro-encapsulated Chlorella (algae rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, proteins and essential amino acids). It lets the cell successfully transform the energy into metabolic light.

OxigenoActivo: It is a revolutionary system that liberates pure oxygen and exponentially increases metabolic activity and optimizes the process of cell reproduction.

  • Provides pure oxygen directly to the cell.
  • Improves the cell breathing process.
  • Encourages the movement of oxygen in the skin.
  • Reprograms cells so that their metabolism functions 100% of the time.
Featuring Detoxifying Double Action, the Casmara Purifying Treatment heals skin in the following ways:
  • Externally: It helps to get rid of contaminants that grow on the skin, without the need of any specific machinery.
  • Internally: It eliminates toxins generated by the cell and reduces future formations of toxins.

The Purifying Treatment also ensures and enhances facial hygiene with its advanced actions. Further, the Professional personalized purifying-oxygenating treatment can be used in single-dose phases combined with the benefits of the algae peel-off GREEN MASK 2025. This high-technology facial mask is made of seaweed complex that along with mint provides skin with an intense cooling effect to repair, calm and soothe skin.


The activity of those cells receiving oxygen is tripled and the division of cells increases by 20%. The skin is deeply cleansed, looking radiant and thoroughly purified due to the exclusive combination of its purifying-detoxifying action and its oxygenating agents, making the skin improve at all levels.

It is aimed at all skin types, including those with delicate, reactive or damaged skin, who want to have adequate facial hygiene and enhance the effects of the forthcoming beauty product-no matter whether it is for specific or everyday use. Unisex formula. To be used all year round.

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