The Global Wellness Sumit (GWS) on 31st January 2023, released their annual ‘Future of Wellness’ report. The 160 pages report is the most in-depth wellness report that predicts the latest directions in wellness. The report declared 12 wellness trends for 2023.

Wellness trends for 2023:

  1. Wellness + Gathering: Due to the pandemic, self-care helped people battle with loneliness. They have been using more of “me time” products and making use of “digital wellness”.
  2. Wellness + Travel:Travelling to the cultural, native sources of a land, for wellness.
  3. Wellness + Workplace: Workplace Wellness has become a thing and is definitely very important.
  4. Wellness + Beauty: From “Clean” to Biotech Beauty
  5. Wellness + Cities: The pandemic shed light on how unhealthy cities are and now cities are being rebuilt around the citizen’s wellness needs.
  6. Wellness + Weight: The Skinny on Brown Fat and Eliminating Obesity
  7. Wellness + Governments: The Government is more aware about the importance of wellness for societal productivity.
  8. Wellness + Water: Blue, Hot, and Wild
  9. Wellness + Sports: New Business Models for Hospitality
  10. Wellness + Senses: Multisensory Integration
  11. Wellness + Biohacking: Biohacking are hacks to control biology so as to defy disease and death.
  12. Wellness + Faith: Having Faith in Business

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