Sebamed has launched a new ad campaign, #UmeedNahiSach for its beauty and personal care product range. The ad emphasises educating consumers about the right product information for hair and skin-related issues. It also talks about Sebamed products and that they have pH 5.5 benefits for resolving all skin and hair matters.

In the campaign, the brand showcases how customers are lured into big promises to solve hair and skin problems but without 100% results. On the other hand, Sebamed has pH 5.5 products that help in addressing issues like dandruff, acne, and hair loss.

According to Suyash Khabya, Creative Head, The Womb, through  the ad campaign the brand tells its consumers the truth about their products so that they can choose the right ones so as to see visible results. The ad ends with sound of the conch or shankh that denotes that Sebamed will always stand for the truth, which will win at the end.

According to Jaydeep Shah, Vice-President- Marketing, Sebamed, the beauty and personal care segments are important for the company’s growth. The brand therefore ensures that its customers get all the right information about the products and their ingredients to help them make correct choices.

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