Who doesn’t desire long, healthy and lustrous locks? Vegan BTX from Brasil Cacau is the perfect treatment and solution to achieve smooth, hydrated hair. The product works wonders on wavy, curly, frizzy, voluminous, thick, and resistant hair.

The new Vegan BTX treatment range from ‘Brasil Cacau’ is a one-step smoothing procedure for maximum durability. This high performance 1-step treatment procedure provides a natural and smooth finish that lasts up to 40 – 50 washes. Infused with 3 active ingredients, Vegetal Collagen, Glyoxylic Acid, and Cocoa, this treatment provides strong, soft, and shiny hair.


  • Formaldehyde free
  • No harmful chemicals
  • 100% vegan

Active ingredients:

Glyoxylic Acid: The concentrated glyoxylic acid formula penetrates the deepest layer of ​​the cortex to promote an effective, long lasting smoothening effect. In particular, Glyoxylic acid produces semi-permanent hair smoothening without breaking the cystine disulfide bridge. It provides long lasting relaxing effect to the hair, without causing damage and scalp irritation typical of alkaline chemical and other smoothening agents. It promotes smoothness that lasts for up to 45 to 50 hair washes.

Vegetal Collagen: This is rich in polysaccharides and amino acids that fills the fiber from the cortex to the cuticle, providing flexibility, strength, hydration, softness to the hair. It protects and repairs the hair against the effects of the sun and the usual cosmetic treatments.

Cocoa: This is a fatty acid composition that act as an antioxidant, protects hair colour and the hair from external agents such as pollution, UV Rays and others. It provides deep nutrition, turning the hair soft and shiny. Its texture provides emollience to the hair.

The mechanism of this 1-STEP procedure begins when a highly concentrated glyoxylic acid formula is activated by the heat of the flat iron. It penetrates deep into the cortex, changing the structure of the strands for high-performance smoothening.

Priced at Rs. 29,500 for 1L, Vegan BTX treatment is available in 300 ml for Rs. 10,500 and 110 ml for Rs. 4,250.

For more information, Visit www.cadiveu.in