Trend Expression Competition winner AltafKhalifa reveals how the look can be re-created

Altaf Khalifa from Sitara Hair Salon was the winner of the Trend Expression Competition conducted at HBS 2022. This competition was a part of the Barber Challenge category. Altaf has been participating in HBS as a contestant since the past 4 years and in 2022 he finally won the trophy by creating this outstanding hair look.

Here Altaf shares a step-by-step you can follow to achieve the winning chic hair look:

Step 1
Use caliper’s guard 2 on the cutting area.

Step 2
Use the trimmer on fade line and clean one finger down hair.

Step 3
Then blind the fade line with a number 1 guard.

Step 4
Match the fade line with a 0.5 open blade on cut.

Step 5
Match the fade line with a 0.0 close blade on cut.

Step 6
Then, use the 0 number guard on 0.5 line and blind fade area.

Step 7
Use a shaver machine on the clean fade area.

Step 8
Create the desired hair style on the top of the hair.

Step 9
Set the look using a setting spray.