Braid twist hair

Hair: Jose Garcia Peluqueros, Pamplona.
MUAH: Isabel García.
Photographer: Aitor Esparza.

Step 1:

Initial image.

Step 2:

Create a selection from ear to ear creating four sections.

  1. Left lateral section
  2. Right lateral section with inclined part.
  3. Top zone section with inclined stripe on the right.
  4. Rear area section.

Step 3:

With the first section of the neck mark the length below the shoulders.

Step 4:

Gently elevate each cutting line by cutting at the tip of the scissors to create a more natural effect with controlled movement in the mane.

Step 5:

When you finish the back section, raise the crown area vertically.

Step 6:

Direct the sides A and B backwards, raising them and blunting with the scissors inside to break and texture the front part of the mane.

Step 7:

Cut straight to bring weight to the upper area by directing it to the right side of the face diagonally downward.

Step 8:

Apply foam on wet hair.

Step 9:

Create the shape of the hairstyle with the diffuser without adding much volume to create natural waves.

Step 10:

Final Photography.

Jose Garcia Peluqueros-Step by step women cut