Among Plato’s thoughts there is one that has attracted my attention. To explain the differences in human nature we are told how the gods introduced the four metals in different quantities into the soul, a process not dissimilar to the construction of the universe. In this way it was assured that all human beings had some proportion of gold, silver, bronze and iron. The different proportions of the metals resulted in different types of people in terms of their character and their abilities. The “metal soul” makes women strong and powerful, making femininity and feminism a value to be respected in the 21st Century.

Hair: Gonzalo Zarauza @ Centro Beta
Assistant Hairdresser: Laura Irure
Photographer: NDavid Arnal
Retouch: Javier Villalabeitia
MUA: Wildvandijk
Stylist: Eunnis Mesa
Designer: Misty Rose Spain
Products: Montibello