StyleSpeak lists down the 6 best looks worn by celebs at Grammys 2023

Grammys, the biggest music awards just happened and as usual, we saw some amazing hair and makeup looks. Every celebrity sported different looks and each look topped the other! With so many chic looks at the award ceremony, 2023 is off to a great start in regards to the hair, beauty and fashion industry. Many celebrities tried various new styles while some stuck to the classics and rocked their looks either way.

We looked at all the stunning looks that were worn by the celebs and have picked these 6 best looks that stuck with us at the Grammys 2023.

Here are the 6 best looks StyleSpeak spotted at Grammys 2023:

Doja Cat

Doja Cat is one celebrity who sure loves to stay in trend. She keeps showing off her extremely dramatic looks that takes us all by surprise. At the Grammys she wore a Gleaming Goth look. Her look was not completely Gothic and not completely Glam, it was a perfect combination of both those vibes. Her black latex outfit was a one side, cold shoulder gown that had a flowing end. This gown by Versace was paired with black opera gloves and circular black earrings. For her makeup, she wore black siren eyes with the inner corners of her eyes in white. She topped off her eyes with an elegant pair of lashes. Her bronzer was on point and gave her face a sculpted, glowing look. She completed her makeup look with frosty lips and the currently trending bleached brows. This 90’s raver’s look was created by the makeup artist Ernesto Casillas. Her hair also had the 90’s vibes with her black pixie cut which was created by the hairstylist Jared Henderson with the help of ghd tools.


Beyonce has always given us fabulous hair, beauty and outfit inspos, and her look at the Grammys is no exception. She wore a glamorous golden and silver metallic dress. Her Gucci dress had a nude-like golden v cut, low neck line front with a silver metallic foil-like cloth on the sides and downwards. The foil-like material had frills on one side that exposed the inner black lining of the material. This black complimented her black opera gloves. Her look had a subtle dewy makeup. Rokael beauty is to thank for her makeup look. Her glossy lips, soft eye shadow and delicate lashes gave her a cute, flirtatious vibe. But her hair look was the real deal! Her hair was beautifully styled in a golden water wave hairstyle by the hairstylist Neal Farinah. Her hair was styled into beautiful mermaid waves with a wet finish. Neal coloured her hair proficiently to include hues of caramel, blonde, dulce de leche and chocolate brownie browns.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wore a Roberto Cavalli two piece set. Her navy blue two piece had gemstones all over that gave an elegant glam vibe. Her full sleeved crop top was high neck and her bodycon skirt was long and rested behind her on the red carpet. She wore huge diamond kite shaped earrings that featured gemstones matching her dress colour. Her accessories also included multiple rings. Her Lorraine Schwartz jewelry was worth 3 million dollars. Her hair was tied into a classic bun with Swift’s signature bangs falling on her forehead. This hair look was created by the hairstylist Jemma Muradian. Taylor’s makeup featured bright red lips and light blue eye shadow. Her makeup was done by the makeup artist, Lorrie Turk. Swift’s look was completed with her vibrant blue, chrome nails that had an oval shape in the central region.

Cardi B

Cardi B is one of those celebrities who often makes it to the trending list. May it be her very long nails or her over the top hair and makeup,Cardi B’s looks are always on point! At the Grammys we saw the rapper look outstanding in her elegant, textured royal blue gown. Her dress covered half of her face and had a structured pattern at the top and the sides. Her gown was custom made by the designer Gaurav Gupta. She paired white gemmed earrings with this gown. Cardi wore elegant blue under eye liner while the rest of her makeup was kept subtle. This made her eyes pop! Her lips were lined in a light brown shade and were filled with transparent lip gloss. Her makeup look was created by the celebrity makeup artist, Erika La Pearl. Her jet black hair were parted in the centre and tied in a low pony tail. Her nails were black stillettos with silver sparkle on them. The celebrity nail artist, Jenny Bui is to be thanked for this nail look.


Lizzo and the red carpet are the perfect match for our eyes! Lizzo goes all in on red carpets and award ceremonies. She keeps catching our attention with her phenomenal hair, makeup and nail looks. Her outfits are extremely cool and edgy, and she is one who can pull off any kind of look with confidence. Lizzo wore a long, dark orange opera coat over a lighter orange shade gown. The bodice of her gown saw vertical stripes in silver and the same silver was used to create the dress strap. The opera coat featured beautiful flowers and Lizzo wore it not just around her shoulders but from the top of her head. Dolce &Gabbana were behind her gorgeous outfit. Lizzo’s hair had an orange flower on one side and one strand of her hair was beautifully curled and placed on her forehead. Her black hair were styled into wet hair curls and were created by Lizzo’s go-to hairstylist, Shelby Swain. For her makeup, the makeup artist, Alexx Mayo used the same shade as her cape for her eyes and cheeks. Her eyebrows were kept bold and dramatic. Her lips were lined with a darker pink shade at the edges while the centre was filled with a nude pink shade. For her nails, the nail artist, Eri Ishizu created 3D roses on long stillettos that matched her cape.

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox’s look was by far the coolest one at Grammys 2023. Laverne claimed that “Cleopatra meets Goldfinger 2023” was the vibe for her look and we totally loved the fusion! Cox’s outfit was a long black gown that was not only low cut but also strap less. The bodice of her dress had patterns of ancient figurines in shades of copper. Her stunning black dress was a Kim Kassas Couture gown. She paired the dress with a golden neck piece that gave clear cut Cleopatra vibes. For her makeup, her cheeks were heighted and her overall face gave a tanned, glowing looking to match her theme. Her eyes were highlighted with bold black liner and golden foil around them. Her lips also saw a hint of golden sparkle in them. The makeup artist, Deja Smith created this look. For her hair, the hairstylist, Kiyah Wright tied her hair into a long fish tail at the back and two face framing braids in the front. Her look was completed with Gold chrome nails that featured silver rhinestones at the beginning of each nail. Eri Ishizu is the nail artist to be thanked for this look.

These were the 6 best looks that we saw at Grammys 2023. With these remarkable hair, makeup, nail and outfit looks, the bar has been set very high for the upcoming fashion and beauty trends we’ll see in 2023.

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